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Leather Conditioning

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Leather Conditioning

The CHT group offers additives for finishing as well as additives that improve the technical performance of conditioning leather.

The first group includes silicones (cationic and non-ionic) used in finishing formulations that bestow a wide spectra of touch modifications spanning from dry and slippery to fatty and full.

The second group includes functional additives to improve technical performances.

  • Wetting and levelling agents
    • Polyether-modified siloxanes decrease the surface tension between leather and liquid, providing noticeable wetting and levelling features
  • Anti-squeak agents
    • These versatile silicones provide a soft and smooth touch while reducing the coefficient of friction value. This provides the anti-squeak behavior that is required in the automotive market.
  • Rub fastness and Taber resistance is an important feature for the car upholstery segment. CHT offers innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Silicone and carbon-based wax additives are well suited for the shoe upper and garment finishing. They impart anti-swelling and add the ability to polish multiple times.

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Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
EM 1144 Ultra high MW emulsion of silicone gum
EM 1407 40% active emulsion of a high molecular weight silicone
EM 1449 Cationic amine functional silicon emulsion low ph
EM 1469 Emulsion of a 60,000 cSt polydimethylsiloxane
EM 1642 Nonionic silicone micro-emulsion
HANSA LPW 564 Emulsion of an alkyl modified aminosiloxane
HANSA LPW 696 Concentrated silicone emulsion to be used in the leather industry
HANSA LPW 720D Macroemulsion of amino siloxanes for manufacturing leather
HANSA LPW 721 Microemulsion of modified siloxanes to be applied in leather production
HANSA LPW 723 Macroemulsion of a modified siloxane to be used for manufacturing leather
HANSA LPW 733 Microemulsion of an epoxy-modified and amino-modified polysiloxane to be used for manufacturing leather
HANSA LPW 751 Macroemulsion of an alkyl-modified siloxane to be applied in the leather industry
HANSA LPW 797 Silicone softener for the leather industry
HANSA LPW 854 Ultra-high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane emulsion for car upholstery and furniture industry
HANSA LPW 856 Ultra-high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane emulsion for car upholstery, furniture industry and leather goods